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Meet the Doctor

Troy Racki, DDS

 About the Doctor

    Redding is my kind of town.  Not too big, not too small, with plenty of outdoor activities available year round.  I was born and raised here, attending Liberty Christian High School until testing out my senior year and progressing immediately to an undergraduate education at Pacific Union College.  After completing my BS Biology degree I earned my Doctor of Dental Surgery at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.  Upon graduation I took a position teaching at the university, spending both clinical and didactic time with freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior dental students.  Additionally I volunteered my time at a local community dental clinic and oversaw dental hygiene students learning patient care on those who could not afford treatment elsewhere.  

    In 2010 I moved back to Redding and after associating in a couple of offices started my own practice, sharing office space with fellow Loma Linda alumni Dr. Shawn Wilson.  During this time I was able to design and build my own ideal practice, a process that took sixteen months from start to finish.  In January 2014, I made the move to my new location which was well worth it given the numerous compliments that patients have made since.

    In my off time I enjoy fishing, hiking, and camping in our local abundant wilderness areas.  Winter time brings downhill skiing.  Writing and personal finance are also interests of mine and occasionally I pen a financial piece for the investment site Seeking Alpha and am the Vice President of the local writer's guild

 My Treatment Philosophy

    My personal treatment philosophy would be best described as "Golden Rule Dentistry".  While all of your treatment options will be presented during diagnosis, my recommendations will be what I would want done to myself if our roles were reversed.  Additionally I am always interested in trying to save as much natural tooth structure as possible while working on your teeth.  Natural tooth structure generally outlasts our artificial materials and I prefer to do a procedure once than over again later.  I support the use of silver fillings and gold restorations in certain situations.  While they may be less esthetic, from experience I know that they will last longer than white composite fillings and be less abrasive than porcelain.

    My goal for your dental health is for minimally invasive procedures that will last as long as possible.  I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so dental education is something I find importance in taking the time to explain.  I welcome your questions and concerns because a more trusting relationship results in less physical discomfort and a shorter appointment for you.

2620 Larkspur Lane|Redding, CA 96002|Map & Directions

Call: 530-338-2500